Beyoncé in Barcelona

Beyoncé has made the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona vibrate, where she has given one of the concerts of the Renaissance World Tour

Beyoncé in Barcelona
Beyoncé in Barcelona

After an album that has broken records, Beyoncé has made the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona vibrate, where she has given one of the concerts of the Renaissance World Tour. Covered in galactic designs, singing hits like Crazy In Love or Break My Soul, Queen B never disappoints.

Beyoncé at her concert in Barcelona: explosive looks and a show to remember

«Barcelona, we love you, welcome». Beyoncé burst in with her cast of dancers at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona and the public went crazy. After five years of counted appearances and no concert, this comeback -or rebirth as she, with all the sense, she has called her tour- still feels like a little more.

Her latest album, made for dancing, has obvious influences from disco music and house from the 80s and 90s, an inspiration that the singer wanted to reflect in her looks. Brightness and spectacularity have been the style route to follow. Because her concerts are not typical concerts, and in them the wardrobe matters (and a lot). As well as the scenery. Only a diva of her caliber could gallop on a silver horse and the result is not grotesque but pure fantasy.


It was time to shine (literally) and Beyoncé appeared before the public in Barcelona with an exclusive set of crystals designed by Stella MacCartney, with hundreds of hours of work behind it and an intentional reference to disco aesthetics (it was inevitable that some meme would not compare her with a disco ball). A look, like all the ones on the tour, chosen in detail together with her stylist: Shiona Turini.

To sing Energy and Break my soul, the woman from Houston changed register and look, opting for a very tight metallic jumpsuit that combined red, palette and black. A kind of second skin so as not to hinder her hectic choreography. Next to her: her daughter Blue Ivy, who with self-confidence and a prodigious voice made it clear that Beyoncé has a worthy heir to the throne.

During his time in London, he has also left us with high-impact looks, such as this custom Mary Katrantzou design for the artist, with which he closed the concert. «It is precisely designed for her body, following the shape of a perfume bottle and creating the illusion of an hourglass silhouette,» they highlight from her firm.

It is clear that the jumpsuit or catsuit has become Beyoncé's favorite garment during the Renaissance Tour. In Stockholm she wore a fabulous Alexander McQueen jewel design with hand-sewn beading, also made exclusively for her.

Although perhaps the most impressive jumpsuit that Beyoncé has worn during the tour is Loewe's, with hands hugging her body. An original trompe l'oeil resource that we could already see in the autumn-winter 2022 show of the Spanish firm, currently led by Jonathan Anderson. «A creation made to measure in the Loewe workshops in France and Spain, which highlights the artisan tradition of the house», they highlighted from the brand in reference to the artist's look.

Another brand with a Spanish stamp has slipped into the tour, and this time not through a jumpsuit but a dress. Beyocé's choice to open her show in Paris was this fascinating design with large silver sequins by Paco Rabanne with which Julien Dossena, current creative director, reflects and explores the firm's archives. just wow!

Beyoncé arrives in Barcelona with her husband, Jay-Z, and their three children